Applications available April 1st for the 2016 FN 3-Gun Championship

Again this year - from April 1 at noon until April 3 at noon, I will only accept applications from previous competitors. There is a space on the application to indicate the last year you shot the FNH USA 3 Gun. After I look up your name on my list to verify your previous participation, I will approve the application & you will get payment instructions sent by the Practiscore application. First time shooters at FN 3-Gun can submit applications after noon on April 3. Any new applications submitted earlier will be deleted.

NO PAPER APPLICATIONS this year. You will still have to use a stamp to mail your payment (check or money order) and a copy of your "approval" email. Please remember that payment is to "FN America, LLC," with "2016 FN3G entry" in the Memo field. Every year I need to return checks made payable to me. I am a volunteer, not an FN employee.

Cost is $300 entry fee ($150 for juniors), plus optional costs like $20 or $25 per match shirt and/or $25 for guest banquet tickets.

Payments must be postmarked by April 15. After that, approval will be withdrawn & the application moves to the back of the waiting list.

I cannot stress enough that the email address you put on that application must be correct. Any information I try to send you will get lost if you provide the wrong email information. Double check the application before you hit submit.

The Practiscore program automatically adds a link to your application information on most 'program generated email messages' and automatically prompts you to use it to squad. Note: SQUADDING IS NOT AVAILABLE YET. Self squadding will open up in late May. You will get specific instructions about how & when to squad about 2 weeks before it opens.

Link to the application: 2016 FN 3-Gun Online Application.


2016 Dates

    • Applications Online April 1
    • Self Squadding opens in May

2016 Match Continues

  • Awards Banquet Saturday Night
  • PractiScore Electronic Scoring
  • You shoot all three days - AM or PM
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